Why Viewpoint Results?

The founding partners of Viewpoint Results have combined their 50+ years of operational excellence to answer the following questions.

  • What is the business financial opportunity at my site?
  • Which site should I focus my operational excellence investments on to maximize the financial results?
  • What is the operational synergy with this potential Merger & Acquisition?
  • Why isn’t the operational synergy within the Merger & Acquisition being executed as planned?
  • Does it feel like your site should be producing more cash & profit but you don’t know where to start?
  • What is the process improvement venture going to cost me?
  • How do I establish the management commitment to sustain the results?

Do you have a clear viewpoint of the financial gain of your operations?  Over the 50+ years, Viewpoint has seen customer pressure, industry changes, and/or strategic planning has organizations working to accomplish more using less resources.   Although the reason for execution is known, the data suggests that the success and sustainment of these initiatives are low.  This leaves businesses asking why did we try the initiative at all and what do we need to do next?  In reviewing this challenge, we have found that the root cause lies in the beginning, prior to conducting your first event. There must be an understanding of what the financial opportunity is in front of the business.  How much cash can I obtain for growth from deliberate actions?  And how big is the opportunity?

Based on more than 50+ years of experience in managerial roles, Viewpoint Results has actively pursued the answers to these questions. Our experience comes from the hands-on application and involvement in all operational levels and across numerous business types, platforms and ownerships.  We are educated in the usage of financial skills for Cost Management, Profit and Loss Responsibility, Mergers and Acquisition Due Diligence, Bank Financing, and Coaching/Mentoring of Leadership Teams.  We have applied knowledge in the approaches of TPS, Lean, Six Sigma, Lean/Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Quality Circles, and Specific Business Systems. So it became natural for us to develop the Viewpoint Opportunity Exam (VOE). The VOE gives a business of any size a view of the financial opportunity from their business data. The financial viewpoint of the opportunity developed from the VOE allows the business to decide how much of the opportunity dollars they want.  If VOE allows the business to see specific opportunities, then why not take the actions?  Today, businesses need to continually improve if they want to continue to grow the bottom line.

After the VOE, Viewpoint Results Process will develop a specific Viewpoint Game Plan on how to obtain the opportunities agreed to from the VOE.  The Viewpoint Game Plan will identify the specific task, resources, tools, techniques, measurements, coaching, and mentoring specifically tailored to your business with correlation to the VOE for line of sight management to your business opportunities.

Are you ready for your Viewpoint Opportunity Exam online or at your site?



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